Dozer Undercarriage


A dozer undercarriage refers to the supporting structure that carries the weight of a bulldozer or a crawler. It is the lower portion of the bulldozer frame.

Bulldozer undercarriage is an important part of bulldozer, it is composed of vehicle body, track, driving wheel, support wheel, shock absorber and other components. The design of undercarriage directly affects the performance and use effect of bulldozer.

The tracks of the undercarriage are the main moving parts of the bulldozer, which can travel on different fields and roads, and can bear weight and resist friction. The driving wheel and supporting wheel play the role of bearing and stabilizing the track, and the shock absorber connecting the vehicle body and track can reduce vibration and increase stability.

The design of the bulldozer undercarriage should be considered according to the application situation and requirements. For example, the bulldozer working on hard ground needs a more powerful and firm chassis, and the bulldozer needs better skid resistance and adaptability on wet or weak ground.The undercarriage is crucial to the performance, stability, and durability of the bulldozer and needs to be regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance. Common maintenance tasks for the dozer undercarriage may include track adjustment, lubrication, and replacement of worn components.


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