Analyze the misunderstanding of track shoe life maintenance

During normal operation, the track pin slowly rotates backwards in the pin hole, the two wear evenly, the pin hole gradually becomes larger, and the pin gradually becomes thinner. If the operation is improper, such as high-speed turning, sudden start, or muddy water, weeds, etc., causing the pins to be blocked, the left and right sides of the track shoe will bend and sag under excessive pressure, and the pins will be deformed and bent. Rotation, the pin and the pin hole become sliding friction, and the friction part is limited to a small part of the contact surface, the pin is gradually ground into a bent shape, and the pin hole also becomes an oval shape.

The enlarged pin hole causes the track pitch to be longer (the pitch is the center distance between the holes at both ends of the track shoe), so the track shoe and the drive wheel gnaw each other, the track shoe is worn through, and the drive wheel teeth are knife-edged. According to the measurement, when the pitch changes from 174 mm to 184 mm, the opening width of the drive wheel teeth changes from 87 mm to 97 mm. At this time, the normal rolling engagement is completely destroyed.

I mistakenly distinguish the track shoe life maintenance into two parts. One is that the surface of the track shoe contains acid, alkali, and salt substances, which will cause local corrosion, so pay attention to it, and the other part is in the polluted air. In the case of condensed water, liquid spots of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and acetic acid are formed, causing chemical corrosion. If you see this, everyone must understand that the quality and the outside world will cause certain damage to the track shoes. The track shoe adopts a separate design, only need to replace the rubber block, saving time, effort and economical benefits, while the back-locking type only needs to easily lock the four screws, which is convenient to replace, and the replacement of the whole vehicle can be completed in about four hours.

The role of polyurethane Polyurethane can be used to make plastics, rubber, fibers, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives and coatings, etc. It can be used in various areas of people’s lives and has a wide range of applications. It can be said that in different fields, the role of polyurethane is related to The method of use is also different, such as putting it in daily life, it can be used as paint, coating, etc.

If it is placed in the construction industry, it can be made into materials such as sealants, adhesives, and runways. The polyurethane track shoe is a commonly used accessory on the milling machine. Treatment of old track shoes-specific treatment method: after degumming, the joint surface of the workpiece and the rubber is chemically treated, that is, soaked in formic acid to remove rust, and then polished with a grinding wheel (if possible, the grinding operation can be performed on a grinder), When polishing, you should try to ensure the smoothness of the bonding surface and the amount of grinding should be as small as possible, and there should be no rust on the bonding surface after treatment. Then use gasoline to clean the workpiece, dry it and apply adhesive.

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