Analyze the structure of steel track chassis

Relatively speaking, the use range and life span of steel track and the choice of working conditions are wider. It is composed of steel tracks, crawler wheels, guide wheels, supporting wheels, chassis and two traveling reducers (traveling reducers are composed of motors, gear boxes, brakes, and valve bodies). Generally, for example, the drilling rig is arranged on the chassis as a whole, and the walking speed of the crawler chassis is adjusted by the control handle, so that the whole machine can realize convenient movement, turning, climbing, and walking. The steel crawler adopts the construction machinery type produced by Japanese technology, which has large carrying capacity, traction force, low noise, does not damage the asphalt road, and has good driving performance.

The support rollers and guide wheels adopt deep groove ball bearings, which are lubricated with grease at one time, free of maintenance and oiling during use. Crawler walking mechanism is widely used in construction machinery, tractors and other field operation vehicles. The poor walking conditions require the walking mechanism to have sufficient strength and rigidity, as well as good traveling and turning capabilities. The track is in contact with the ground, and the driving wheel is not in contact with the ground.

When the motor drives the drive wheel to rotate, the drive wheel continuously rolls up the crawler belt from the rear through the engagement between the gear teeth on the drive wheel and the crawler chain under the action of the drive torque of the reducer. Crawlers must have sufficient strength and rigidity in poor working conditions, have good wear resistance, and are lighter to reduce metal consumption and reduce the dynamic load when the crawler is running. The crawler and the ground must have good adhesion performance to ensure performance. To send out enough traction, it is also necessary to consider reducing the resistance of driving and steering. The crawler walking device consists of "four wheels and one belt" (driving wheels, supporting wheels, guide wheels, towing wheels and crawlers), tensioning devices and buffer springs, and a walking mechanism.

Tracked chassis is not very widely used in the field, and it is aimed at some special occasions. For example, in the country's important military parade, there will be many people's soldiers driving tanks to show their military strength to the leaders. It is necessary to do a good job in the appraisal of the parts and components, and let the technicians to appraise the parts of the crawler chassis; according to the maintenance items of the machine, arrange special personnel for maintenance, carefully select the tools, and disassemble the parts when disassembling the equipment. Put it in a special basin and clean it before use.

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