Brief introduction of excavator crawler

Digging machine tracks are mostly made of high-strength steel, which has high strength, wear resistance, and becomes harder as it is used. High manganese steel is generally cast, and it is too difficult to process as a tool. How can this wear-resistant material develop? If you can't open the front, you can only use it as a mysterious heavy sword. The weight of the whole machine divided by the grounded area is equal to the grounding specific pressure. The wider the track, the smaller the grounding specific pressure, and it is not easy to sink on the loose ground. Of course, it’s not that the wider the crawler, the better, it is easy to deform when it passes on the rocky ground. The track should have high strength and high wear resistance.

At present, most tanks use cast high-manganese steel track shoes. The high-manganese steel is an austenitic structure, which is suitable for use under higher impact conditions and increases the hardness through work hardening. The average service life of this type of track shoe is about 3700km. The track is a flexible chain ring driven by the driving wheel, surrounding the driving wheel, the road wheel, the inducer and the supporting wheel.

The track is composed of track shoes and track pins. The track pin connects each track shoe to form a track chain link. There are holes at both ends of the track shoe to mesh with the driving wheel, and there are induced teeth in the middle to correct the track and prevent the track from falling off when the tank is turning or tilting. There is a reinforced anti-skid rib (referred to as pattern) on the side that contacts the ground. , In order to improve the firmness of the track shoe and the adhesion between the track and the ground. Polyurethane track shoes use new and special polyurethane synthetic materials, which increase the content of polyurethane by 30%, prolong the service life and high tensile strength.

The track shoe is designed with a small bevel edge to avoid damage by the curb and improve the tensile strength. And the inclined working surface optimizes the steering performance. If you often, run, or walk often. His wear is great. Basically, the change is to change the chain bars and drive rulers, guide wheels, and drag chain wheels. And this track shoe, he is a solid iron plate, there is no operation that will damage him, as long as the bucket hook of the excavator is not used, there is no problem. The wear resistance of the rock crawler is achieved by the work hardening effect of the surface of the high manganese steel crawler shoe.

If rock-type track shoes are used in soft rock areas, the work hardening effect cannot be produced, the hardness is not improved, and the wear is fast. At this time, single-tooth track shoes for soft rock are used, or track shoes close to the repair limit or welded track shoes can be used. Therefore, the crawler should be selected according to the soil type and mechanical operating conditions. On the paved road surface and the paved road surface, flat track shoes and rubber track shoes can be used respectively. The former has no crawler teeth, and the bolt head is lower than the board surface, which does not damage the road or the ground when walking or working; the latter is to fix the rubber block on the ground surface of the crawler shoe, when the machine is walking, it does not damage the road surface and there is no noise when crawling; It is that their scope of application is limited.

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