The correct use and installation method of sprocket

First, when installing the sprocket, the long hole on the bearing seat can be used to reduce the center distance between the two sprockets; also after the chain length is determined, use the long hole to fine-tune the center distance to adjust the tightness of the sprocket and the sprocket. The tightness should be appropriate. Too tight will increase power consumption and consumption. Bearings are easy to wear and too loose. The sprocket is easy to jump and fall off the chain.

The tightness of the sprocket is: lifted or pressed down from the middle of the sprocket, about 2%-3% of the center distance between the two sprocket.

The sprocket should not swing and skew when installed on the shaft. In the same transmission assembly, the end faces of the two sprockets should be in the same plane. When the center distance of the sprocket is less than 2 meters, the deviation can be 3 mm; when the center distance of the sprocket is more than 0.5 meters, the deviation can be 4 mm. However, there must be no friction on the side surfaces of the sprocket teeth. If the two wheels offset too much, it will easily cause chain disconnection and accelerated wear. When replacing the sprocket, you must pay attention to check and adjust the offset.

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