The quality of roller accessories is very important

The quality of roller accessories is very important

When we use the belt conveyor, we must not only check the running status of the rollers, but also pay attention to the running status of the roller bearings. Belt conveyor rollers are very important, and roller bearings are also very important. In fact, they are a kind of roller accessories. Whether the roller can operate normally or not has a direct impact on the bearing, so how do we judge the quality of the roller bearing.

To determine whether the roller bearing can be reused, we must first use the disassembly tool correctly to avoid damage to the roller bearing. After disassembly, we must see whether the bearing parts are broken or the ball is damaged, and we must focus on checking its dimensional accuracy and whether it rotates. Smooth, if there is any abnormal noise, if the bearing is found to be damaged, please replace it. We need to check the operation of the rollers regularly and maintain them regularly. If the rollers do not rotate, the belt will be severely worn and the loss will be great.

The quality of the roller bearing housing also directly affects the installation precision of the roller bearing. The precision of the bearing housing affects the axial positioning density of the bearing, and also affects the fit of the roller bearing and the bearing housing. Therefore, the quality of the roller accessories is very important, and it directly affects the quality and life of the roller.

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