The working environment of the track shoe!

1. The working temperature of the rubber track is generally between -25 and 55 degrees Celsius.

2. The salt content of chemicals, engine oil and sea water will accelerate the aging of the track. Clean the track after use in such an environment.

3. The road surface with sharp protrusions (such as steel bars, stones, etc.) will cause damage to the rubber track.

4. Road curbs, ruts or uneven road surface will cause cracks in the pattern on the grounding side of the track edge. It can be used without damage to the wire rope.

5. The gravel pavement will cause early wear of the rubber surface, contact with the supporting wheel, and form small cracks. When severe water ingress occurs, the iron core falls off and the steel wire breaks. Compared with steel crawler chassis, its application range, service life and working conditions are more extensive. It is composed of steel rails, running wheels, guide wheels, supporting wheels, chassis and two walking reducers (the walking reducer is composed of a motor, a gearbox, a brake and a valve body). Generally, if the drilling rig is arranged on the chassis as a whole, the walking speed of the crawler chassis is adjusted by the control handle, so that the whole machine can easily move, turn, climb, and walk.

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