Track shoes are usually made of high manganese alloy steel

Track shoes are usually made of high manganese alloy steel. Due to the special stress effect of high manganese alloy steel, it shows the characteristics of harder and harder as it is worn, which can greatly enhance the wear resistance of the track shoe.

Commonly used track shoes are divided into three types according to the grounding shape, there are single-reinforced, three-reinforced and flat-bottomed, and some of them also use triangular track shoes. Single-reinforced track shoes are mainly used for bulldozers and tractors, because this type of machinery requires the track shoes to have a higher traction capacity when working. However, it is rarely used on excavators. This type of track shoe is only used when the excavator is equipped with a drill frame or requires a large horizontal thrust. A higher traction is required when turning from a child, so a higher crawler bar (ie, crawler spur) will squeeze away the soil (or ground) between the crawler bars, thereby affecting the mobility of the excavator. The hole spacing on the two rows of chain rails for installing track shoes should generally be larger in order to replace track shoes with different ground pressures. The walking device used in the swamp requires a very wide track shoe and track surface. This kind of ultra-wide track shoe sometimes has a high bending stress. For example, when the excavator is working on the ground mixed with residual tree roots, because the heavy part of the machine falls on a certain track shoe supported by the roots, the track shoe produces a very high bending stress, which affects the track. The life of the board. In order to prevent damage and bending of the track shoe, the section coefficient and bending strength must be improved. To increase the section coefficient, you must increase the height of the track bars, but this will significantly increase the turning resistance and affect the maneuverability of the excavator. Therefore, steel-rolled hollow track shoes should be used for walking devices with a width of more than 700 mm for marshland use. Most of the two ends of the crawler shoes used in marshland are made into slope angles, so that it is convenient to protect the surface of the ground, reduce turning resistance and subsidence, and when walking on hard ground, the shortening of the supporting arm can reduce the bending moment carried by the edge .

Excavators with track shoes with a width of more than 800 mm are mainly used in swamps and should not be used in general occasions. Excavators with widened and elongated crawler walking devices are particularly suitable for pipeline engineering.

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