What will affect the life of the track shoe

Do not allow the track shoe to slip under overload. If the track shoe slips, it will cause reactive power loss of fuel and shorten the life of the track shoe; once the track starts to slip, the excessive load should be reduced; in order to prevent the chassis from lifting off the ground, the amount of loosening and the depth of excavation must be controlled. And when the machine turns, slow turns and big turns. Don't let one track load for a long time.

If most of the load is applied to work under the one-sided crawler for a long time, the parts of the traveling mechanism will be worn or damaged prematurely due to uneven force. Try to avoid driving across floating rocks. If the chassis is tilted on the drifting stone and exceeds the swing of the balance arm, the bending moment or thrust will act on the parts of the crawler frame and the running mechanism, and the impact load will cause cracks, twists and breaks in the running mechanism parts and various chassis parts. And other damage. The machinery should be parked on flat ground and avoid on slopes.

If you stop on a slope, the static thrust generated by gravity will cause the floating oil seal (O-ring) to deform and damage, and oil will leak over time. If the tension is excessive, the spring tension of the guide wheel acts on the track pin and the pin sleeve. The outer circle of the pin and the inner circle of the pin sleeve have been subjected to high compression stress. The pin and the pin sleeve will wear prematurely during operation, and the guide wheel will be tensioned at the same time. The elastic force of the spring also acts on the guide wheel shaft and the bushing, resulting in a large surface contact stress, which makes the guide wheel bushing easy to grind into a semicircle, and the track pitch is easy to elongate, and it will reduce the mechanical transmission efficiency and waste the engine transmission. The power of wheels and tracks.

The track tension is adjusted by adding butter to the oil nozzle of the tensioning cylinder or discharging butter from the oil discharge nozzle, and adjust with reference to the standard gap of each model. When the track pitch is stretched to the point where it is necessary to remove a set of track sections, the meshing surface of the drive wheel tooth surface and the pin sleeve will also be abnormally worn. At this time, proper treatment should be carried out before the meshing condition deteriorates, such as connecting the pin and the pin. Turn over the sleeve, replace excessively worn pins and pin sleeves, replace the track section assembly, etc. The misalignment of the guide wheel has a serious impact on other parts of the running mechanism, so adjusting the gap between the guide plate of the guide wheel and the crawler frame (correcting the misalignment) is the key to extending the life of the running mechanism.

When adjusting, use the gasket between the guide plate and the bearing to correct it. If the gap is large, remove the gasket; if the gap is small, add the gasket. The standard gap is 0.5~1.0mm, and the allowable gap is 3.0mm. The purpose of regular maintenance for Komatsu excavators is to reduce machine failures, extend machine service life, shorten machine downtime, improve work efficiency, and reduce operating costs. As long as the fuel, lubricating oil, water and air are well managed, 70% of failures can be reduced. In fact, about 70% of failures are caused by poor management.

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