Why are the prices of track rollers so different from different manufacturers?

The market price in the undercarriage parts is chaotic, the price gap between different manufacturers of the same product is very large. You may be confused about this and do not know how to choose. Let YSM make a simple knowledge popularization to explain the little secrets in detail, so that you can choose the right products and use them comfortably. Take the track roller pc200 which is common in the market as an example;

track roller pc200

At present, the price of track roller pc200 on the market is 200yuan, 300-400 yuan, and 500-700 yuan. The cost of the roller is mainly composed of the following parts and components:

①Shell  ②Bushing bronze ③Collar ④Seal ⑤Lock pir ⑥O-ring ⑦Plug ⑧Shaft

1、Track roller shell:

  ①)material and heat treatment:

a:Mid-to-high-end support roller, the wheel body is made of 40Mn2 round steel, the heat treatment method is integral heating, the surface hardness is 50-60HRC, the depth of the hardened layer is within the range of 6-30, and the matrix hardness meets the requirements of OEM, ensuring The product has good abrasion resistance and sufficient load-bearing capacity.

b: Medium-grade, The material is 50Mn round steel, which adopts intermediate frequency technology. The surface hardness is 50-60HRC and more than 5 hardened layers, the hardened layer is shallow, the material and wear resistance are poor, the base is in the state of steel base, and the load-bearing capacity is poor.

roller excavator pc200

c. Low-end grade: The material is 45 steel or 50Mn billet forging. After intermediate frequency treatment, the load-bearing capacity is very poor. The heat treatment index only meets the drawings, the quality can not be mentioned.

komatsu pc200 track roller

②)Structure: Compared with mid-to-high-end products, low-end products have large oil cavities, reducing overall weight to reduce costs. 

For example:track roller pc200,The weight of low-end is generally about 27 kg; mid-end products are 30-33 kg; standard high-end products are 40-42 kg. The same big wheel body; the weight difference is so great; the material is naturally different, and the price difference is not surprising.

2. The shaft of the supporting wheel:

The medium and high-end products need to be quenched and tempered with 50Mn, then the surface is intermediate frequency, and the surface roughness is within 0.8, and the low-end products are made of 45 steel without quenching and tempering, and the shaft diameter is reduced; The surface is high-frequency, the surface roughness is poor, the depth of the heat treatment hardened layer is not enough, the wear resistance is not good, and the rough surface is easy to wear the bearing bush.

track roller shaft

3.Bushing bronze:The thickness of the copper layer of the middle and high-end products is 0.7-1.2mm. the thickness of the copper layer of the low-end products is 0.2-0.4mm, and the length of the bearing is less material . Cut corners and materials to reduce costs, resulting in products that are not wear-resistant and have a short service life.

Bushing bronze.png

4 Seal:The mid-to-high-end sealing material is 15Cr3Mo, and the service life is 4000-5000 hours minimum. For low-end products, the sealing parts reduce the alloying elements, mostly 15Cr1Mo, to reduce costs.


5. Supporting wheel cover: medium and high-end products are made of QT450-10 material. The spheroidization rate of low-end products does not meet the standard requirements, and the performance is slightly higher than that of cast iron, which also reduces material requirements and costs.

track roller cover.png

According to the brief introduction above, it can be seen that low-priced products mainly rely on cutting corners and cutting materials and sacrificing product quality in exchange for costs. If you do not understand the insider and blindly pursue the price. Low cost, in the end, the gain is not worth the loss! ! Cheap price does not necessarily mean that the business earns less, buying quality products at a reasonable price is the real high cost performance!

【YSM】AN EXPERT PARTNER YOU CAN RELY ON YOUR BEST UNDERCARRIAGE VALUE,Since 2008 YSM has provided a unique, high-quality service. A dependable and cost-effective approach to any undercarriage need. Whether for the OEM  (original equipment manufacturers) or the aftermarket, for a special machine or a mini excavator,for a bulldozer or a mining excavator, YSM can offer you the right answer to your special individual needs.

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