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Daily maintenance of excavator undercarriages part

Undercarriage parts YSM

First of all, the maintenance of the track rollers should avoid long-term immersion in muddy water. Many construction sites are all muddy ground, and generally speaking, construction sites will be sprinkled with water all year round to prevent dust from leaking out, so the construction site is basically all kinds of mud. When doing a job, you should habitually clean up the dirt attached to it, especially in winter, you must pay attention to keeping the bottom rollers dry. The damage of the rollers will cause many failures, such as: walking deviation, walking weakness, etc.

The carrier wheel is located on the X frame and is an important tool to ensure that the excavator can walk in a straight line. If the carrier wheel is damaged, it will cause your excavator to deviate. The carrier roller needs to be injected with lubricating oil. If oil leakage is found, it means that a new carrier roller needs to be updated. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the cleaning above, and clean up the large pieces of soil after the work is completed, so as to avoid blocking the work of the carrier wheel after solidification.


The guide wheel is located in front of the X frame. It is composed of a guide wheel and a tension spring. It is an important parts to keep the excavator moving forward. If the guide wheel is broken, it may cause friction between the chain rails, and the tensioning spring will also be subject to great frictional impact, so this guide wheel is also a very important maintenance site.


The drive wheel is located at the back of the X frame. It is directly fixed on the X frame and has no shock absorption function. If the drive wheel travels in front, it will not only cause abnormal wear on the drive ring gear and chain rail, but also adversely affect the X frame. The X frame may have problems such as early cracking. We should always open the drive wheel guard to clean up the dirt inside, to avoid too much accumulation, wear the oil pipe of the travel motor during the walking process, and also corrode the joint of the oil pipe.

IHI IHI45J Excavator Sprocket

The crawler is mainly composed of crawler shoes and chain links, and the crawler shoes are divided into reinforcing plates, standard plates and extension plates. Reinforcing plates are mainly used in mining conditions, standard plates are used in earthwork conditions, and lengthened plates are used in wetland conditions. The wear of the track shoes in the mine is serious. When walking, the gravel will sometimes get stuck in the gap between the two shoes. When it comes into contact with the ground, the two shoes will be squeezed, and the track shoes will easily bend and deform. , Long-term walking will also cause cracking problems at the bolts of the track shoes. The chain link is in contact with the driving ring gear and is driven by the ring gear to rotate. Excessive tension of the track will cause early wear of the chain link, ring gear and idler pulley. Therefore, according to different construction road conditions, it is necessary to adjust the tension of the crawler.


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