How Should The Supporting Wheels Be Selected To Avoid Stepping On Thunder?

February 12, 2021

High-quality support wheels mainly depend on the performance of its steel. The material of the roller body is generally 50Mn, 40Mn2, (MN: synonymous with the element of manganese). The manufacturing process is divided into casting or forging, machining, and then heat treatment. After the surface of the wheel is quenched The hardness reaches HRC45~52 to increase the wear resistance of the wheel surface. The machining accuracy requirements of the supporting rollers are relatively high. Generally, CNC machine tools are required for machining to meet the requirements. The material is more than 40Mn2, and the hardness reaches about HRC42.

The structure of the roller is mainly divided into the wheel body, the roller shaft, the shaft sleeve, the sealing ring, and the end cover. If the hardness of the roller shaft and the shaft sleeve of the roller you choose is not up to the standard product, then There will be oil leakage within a few days after installation. It is recommended that every time you buy a product, you should carefully check its structure, brand, price and make a record of where to buy it. If it is not easy to use, do not repeat it next time. When purchasing, you can also talk to the supplier about quality issues and tell him your requirements for the product, and how to solve the problem of oil leakage if it occurs within a few days.

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