How To Use The Chassis Parts Of The Grabber Correctly?

February 13, 2021

The gripper chassis can be mixed by mixing many different raw materials to mix them. There are many mixers in the market, but many people care about how to maintain them. How to use the chassis parts of the grabber correctly?

The stirrer and the correct use of the stirrer is actually a solution. Therefore, let us talk about the correct use of today's blender and the areas that need attention when maintaining it.

When choosing a location to place the agitator, please make sure that the ground at that location is flat enough and that the agitator will not shake or resonate after it is placed, because if resonance occurs, the abrasion of the agitator may be severe during use.

When maintaining the agitator, pay attention to the part of the reducer that maintains the agitator. Because the reducing agent is an important part of the agitator, it can be said that it is the core component of the agitator.

If the machine breaks down, the mixer may no longer be used. In the maintenance field, some lubricant should be applied regularly and quantitatively to ensure its flexible operation.

Before using the mixer, we must first look at the mixer. Stop using the mixer as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will have a lot of influence on him. Cause greater damage. After reaching the above points, the life of the agitator can be increased, thereby increasing sales.

The chassis parts of the grabber are generally made of steel pipes. The surface of the tube is enamelled and then fired at high temperature and cooled, and the roundness of the shaft will be deformed. Due to the out-of-roundness of the shaft, the use of soft packing as the shaft seal generally has the phenomenon of insufficient sealing. For this reason, many old enamel reactors have converted the original packing seal into a mechanical seal and achieved good sealing effects.

The modified enamel kettle has a single-end externally mounted mechanical seal. The transmission ring is made into two half rings, and the contact part with the shaft surface is padded with soft rubber, which is firm and reliable. The movable ring sealing ring uses an O-shaped rubber ring with good elasticity, which can compensate the out-of-roundness of the shaft and maintain the seal.

The inner diameter of the spring seat, push ring, moving ring and static ring is slightly larger than the out-of-roundness of the shaft. The inner diameter of the static ring should also take into account the amount of radial swing when the shaft rotates, and should be appropriately enlarged. Since the parts of the mechanical seal have no relative rotational friction with the shaft surface, the enamel layer is rarely worn. The correct use of the chassis parts of the grabber is more important.

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