Precautions For The Correct Operation Of The Chassis Parts Of The Grabber

February 15, 2021

1. It is strictly forbidden for the chassis parts of the grabber to suddenly cool or heat during use to avoid damage to the glass-lined surface. The temperature resistance of the enamel reactor is rapid (that is, the difference between the temperature of the reactor and the heating or cooling medium): thermal shock <100℃, cold shock <90℃, due to the advanced and mature glass-lined equipment, it has both thermal shock performance Higher than the normal standard value. When heating with steam, the water in the jacket must be drained first. When opening the steam or cooling water inlet valve, it must not be fully opened at one time. The jacket pressure must be pre-injected until the jacket pressure is about 0.1MPa, and the temperature should be maintained at about 3°C/min. The maximum should not exceed 5°C/min.

2. It is strictly forbidden to knock on the glass-lined surface of the glass-lined equipment or its shell, and prevent hard objects from falling into the enameled reactor during operation and damaging the glass-lined surface.

3. In operation, try to avoid the contact of the enamel reactor body shell with acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids. Once there is material contact, it should be wiped clean with a rag in time.

4. It is forbidden to flush the equipment with water to avoid damage to the insulation layer.

5. When opening a manhole or hand hole, the glass-lined surface of the manhole or hand hole should be placed face down on a support made of soft cork, and the glass-lined surface should not be placed directly on the hard floor or steel platform, or Place the glass-lined face up, and the removed clamps should be placed neatly nearby, without obstructing operation or walking.

6. During operation, check whether the thermometer casing is in contact with the material. Due to the large thermal resistance of the glass-lined tube, the temperature display in the enamel reaction tank generally lags behind the actual temperature to a certain extent. The thermal inertia and display hysteresis factors should be considered when heating and cooling operations.

7. When the lowest temperature is less than or equal to 0℃, the water in the jacket should be drained after use to avoid damage to the equipment due to freezing.

8. For reactors equipped with mechanical seals, the sealing parts should be kept clean.

9. If the bottom of the kettle is blocked during discharging, do not use metal utensils to strike it. You can use bamboo sticks, plastic sticks or wooden sticks to gently poke open. If glass-lined debris is found during discharging, it should be opened immediately for inspection and used after repair.

10. The chassis parts of the grabber are not suitable for the reaction, polymerization, storage, heat exchange and other chemical processes of the following media or materials: A, any concentration and temperature of hydrofluoric acid and media or materials containing fluoride ions B, the concentration is greater than 30 %. Phosphoric acid media or materials with a temperature greater than 180°C; C. Alkaline media or materials with a PH value greater than 12 and a temperature greater than 80°C; D. The reaction process of alternating acid and alkali materials.

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