The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Track Shoe Of An Excavator

February 24, 2021

1. Under ordinary soil conditions (below grade 4), single-tooth track shoes should be used, which have sharp tooth profiles, firm grip and high traction. If it is used for rock work, it may bend or break due to its insufficient strength.

2. Under rocky soil conditions, rock crawler shoes and long-life crawler shoes should be used. This kind of track shoe has high strength and good abrasion resistance. During stone work, the surface layer of the track shoe always maintains high hardness due to cold work hardening. In addition, the track shoe bolt protection ribs, stiffeners and relatively thick The thickness of the tooth section makes the rock-type track not firmly gripped, but this track has high torsion resistance and bending strength, good tightening of the track bolts, and high connection strength.

3. When loading and snow digging, it is advisable to use semi-double-tooth track shoes. The height of its grouser teeth is between single-tooth and three-tooth grouser shoes. There are two grouser teeth of unequal height, which have the characteristics of large traction and can prevent frequent steering. This kind of grouser teeth has a large thickness and is resistant to torsion under heavy load. High bending strength, the disadvantage is poor ride comfort on hard ground.

4. Wetland track shoes and snow track shoes should be used on wetland and snowy ground respectively. The cross section of the wetland track shoe is 3 arcs, with a large grounding area, large buoyancy, no tooth tip, and will not cut any objects on the ground; there are special arc cross sections at both ends to prevent sideslip. The disadvantages are low strength and easy deformation, so it is not applicable except for wet ground. The snow track shoe has ribs, and the grouser belt has steps to prevent side slip. The rear edge of the board surface is cut off, which is easy to squeeze out the ice and snow remaining on the track shoe. If used in ordinary soil and rocks, the track is easy to wear or damage.

5. On the paved road surface and the paved road surface, flat track shoes and rubber track shoes can be used respectively. The former has no crawler teeth, and the bolt head is lower than the board surface, which does not damage the road or the ground when walking or working; the latter is to fix the rubber block on the ground surface of the crawler shoe, when the machine is walking, it does not damage the road surface and there is no noise when crawling; It is that their scope of application is limited.

6. To process high-temperature slag, use slag to treat track shoes, which are characterized by high heat resistance, high strength and long life, and can also be used for stonework.

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