Rubber Track


Rubber track is a track made of rubber and skeleton material, which is widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and military equipment.Rubber track is mainly used for special occasions, to protect the ground! Rubber track walking system, low noise, low vibration, comfortable riding, especially suitable for high-speed transfer occasions, to achieve the performance of the whole road.

A premium grade rubber track is made of all natural rubber compounds that are blended with highly durable synthetics. A high volume of carbon black make premium tracks more heat and gouge resistant, increasing their overall service life when operating on hard abrasive surfaces.

On the other hand, standard grade tracks use lower amounts of carbon black and higher amounts of synthetics making them less heat and gouge resistant. Standard grade tracks also use other materials such as nylon that is known to stretch much more quickly, reducing the over-all service life of your new track.

Non metal core tracks are uniquely designed for Toro Mini Loaders. They are lighter in weight and provide better flotaion to help crawl more easily over steep terrains, not to mention that they help to improve fuel efficiency. The multi-bar tread design also reduces vibration, providing a smoother ride for your operator, all-the-while minimizing ground disturbance.


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