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We regulate management, guarantee the quality of our hydraulic hammer for excavator, Moil Point Chisel, China kobelco undercarriage and services, and strictly strengthen the management of all aspects of product import, production, sales and storage.Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to providing people with more efficient/safe/economical rubber track sizes. The company takes the recruitment, training and development of outstanding talents as an important means of enterprise development. Talent is the most valuable resource in an enterprise, and only by providing various opportunities and giving space to play can we release its maximum energy, so as to cultivate into a team of excellent talents in the same industry to continuously meet the growing business needs of the company. As a well educated, innovative and energetic staff, we are responsible for all elements of the research, design, manufacturing, sales and distribution. We ensure the high quality requirements of products, take the needs of users as our enterprising goal, sincerely serve customers, and wholeheartedly meet the needs of users. The average experience of our company's manufacturing team is more than 10 years, and the chief engineer has many years of development and production experience. Our experienced team will start from the customer's needs, and spare no effort to turn your ideas into reality and realize the customized production of your products. We must persevere in the pursuit of excellence in everything we do every day. We need to work in a broad environment
  • Excavator Bucket Link
    Excavator Bucket Link
    Items: PC200 PC300 PC400 Excavator Bucket Link H-link for BucketHardness: HRC48-55, Depth: 8-12mm
  • 7d1158 Cutting Edge
    7d1158 Cutting Edge
    Weight:49KGG / BLADE GR215, HRC28-32 (Caterpillar) (3/4 "15holes-16x203x2133.2, bolt М19 (3/4), 234-70-12710, T74772) -Grader blade,7d1158 catProduct pics is not for 7D1158 and is just for reference, we will update the correct one once we have stock
    6Y3840 EDGE-CUTTING Caterpillar parts D6R, D6R II EDGE
  • Bit End 6Y4410 6Y4411 Caterpillar
    Bit End 6Y4410 6Y4411 Caterpillar
    Measure the blade for a correct identification! Contact us if you can't find the right size for your machine.
  • Bit End LH 8E4546 8E4545 Caterpillar
    Bit End LH 8E4546 8E4545 Caterpillar
    Measure the blade for a correct identification!Contact us if you can't find the right size for your machine.
  • Komatsu Pc30 Tracks
    Komatsu Pc30 Tracks
    komatsu pc30 tracks grouptrack link for excavatorlink track excavatorexcavator chain link
  • D6h Idler
    D6h Idler
    Items: D6H idlerBrand Name: YSM/OEM/ODMWarranty: 1 Year, 2000 hours (Normal 4000 hours)
  • Gasket Repair Kit
    Gasket Repair Kit
    Model: E320Part Number: 34301-10011
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