track shoe for excavator

We use excellent production equipment, advanced production technology and scientific management methods to ensure the excellent quality of our Bucket Tooth Cat 320, 1u3352rc, High Pressure Hydraulic Gear Pump.Our company carries out all staff quality management, insists that quality is life, and strives to provide more high-quality track shoe for excavator for the majority of consumers. Our company enjoys a good reputation in the whole industry and is called the most potential black horse in the industry and we will strive for this. We establish an emotional bond between the enterprise and the public to improve the popularity of the enterprise. In order to create high-quality products, each of our employees has undergone rigorous training. Starting a new journey to build a world-class company with global competitiveness is our long-cherished wish and expectation of all employees. Our enterprise achieves scientific development, that is, stable and rapid development, sustainable development and harmonious development. We are brave to overcome difficulties and pursue excellence to achieve independent control of key technologies and materials.
  • Bushing 4443880 Hitachi
    Bushing 4443880 Hitachi
    Size:90.40 X 105.35 X 70weight:1.26kg
  • 9w8552rc
    High Quality J550 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 9W8552RCHRC: 50-52HRCColor: foring black, casting yellow or other special colorkeywords:9w8552,9w8552 bucket teeth,9w8552 cat,9w8552 tooth,коронка 9w8552rc,коронка 9w8552
  • 4t2244 Blade
    4t2244 Blade
    Size:25*203.2*1828.8Weight: 68KGBEVEL ANGLE 33 BOLT HOLE SIZE 18 mmHOLE SPACING 152.4 mmNUMBER OF HOLES 13 Material:High carbon steel or boron steelHardness:HB260~320 or HB380~450
  • Cummins Engine Piston
    Cummins Engine Piston
    Part Name: N14 series diesel engine pistonPart Number: 3803739 3084023 3087635Grade: Genuine, 100% New
  • Excavator Drive Motor
    Excavator Drive Motor
    Part Name: Travel motorModel: PC400-8 PC450-8 PC400-7 PC450-7Brand: YSM
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