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100T 150T 200T electric portable track link pin press machine

Product Information

Track link press machine, press link machine.

1. 150tons, 200tons ,300tons fit for all kinds of track link. Quality guarantee at least 1.5 years.
2. Special design to make your work easier.
3. Including, Hydraulic press motor, rolling machine ,and rolling frame .

Stationary hydraulic press for the assembly/disassembly Track link.

Special devices

1. Stationary and portable hydraulic press for small , medium and large-size track chains
2. Lubrication devices for chains, rollers and idlers
3. Track winder is designed for winding large , medium and small-size chains.


Use Steps

The Disassembly of Pin Axle

First, remove the front track and back one of the pin axle that you want to disassembly respectively. Then install the installing stand in the screw of chain now it is ok, to disassemble the pin axle with hydraulic power

The assembly of Pin Sleeve (chain)

Put pin sleeve(chain) on the installing stand. Then using the accessories of the machine. You will be able to assembly it.

The Assembly of Pin Axle

This is the same method as the disassembly of it. Only by using the accessories of the machine (leading directional axle), you'll be able to assemble it easily.

The Disassembly of Pin Sleeve (Chain)

First, remove the front and back respective one pin axle of the pin sleeve (chain) that you want to disassemble. You'll get a single-length chain then. Put it on the installing stand secondly. Now using the accessories of the machine, you can disassemble the pin sleeve freely.

Advantages of our products

Pressure chain machine, 200 t is suitable for the pin diameter of 55 mm below the tear open outfit.

The adoption of advanced welding technology, body consists of three pillars of connection, the stability is good.Center height can be adjusted by the same, light body, with manual pump station is suitable for field operation, at the same time as the workshop renovation tools, high efficiency, saving time and effort, but also can be used as a small hydraulic press disassembling a few small parts.

Roller chain - 200 t working principle: this machine is according to the principle of hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, high pressure pump as power source, the piston rod drives the disassembling tools, of caterpillar axis pin and pin to tear open outfit.Replace the original cutting and hammering method, the sound track is not damaged.Ideal is the crawler excavator maintenance, assembly special tools.

Field rescue, only need to pull down a screw, machine as for broken caterpillar track section, fixed, can easily broken caterpillar shaft pin and pin removal or installation.

Technical parameters: the master cylinder nominal pressure, maximum diameter: 200 t 60 mm

Master cylinder stroke: 180 mm

The rated pressure: 63 mpa

Center height: < H < 30 mm to 90 mm

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